Reasons Why People Need to Avoid DIY Blast Cabinets

Just like all the products, there are blast cabinets at all kinds of quality levels and price points. Not everyone will be looking for a blast cabinet that needs an industrial use blasting cabinet. However, a few segments of the market want to build a blasting cabinet from materials laying around the yard. Below are the reasons why people need to avoid DIY blast cabinets.

Loss of productivity

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The DIY cabinets will drain your productivity time and instead of simply blasting coatings off wheels or stripping rust from old engine parts, you will spend half your time trying to build the cabinet. Once people have got the makeshift blast cabinet built then the chances are high where you will have to spend half your remaining time either adding more abrasive media or adjusting the dust collector. Homemade blast cabinets will not have adequate air compression to blast effectively. Dust collectors on homemade blast cabinets which are usually underpowered.

Lack of Longevity

Second, on our list is how long does the typical homemade blast cabinet last. DIY blasting cabinets will simply lack the durability which manufactures the blast cabinet.  People will create a DIY blast cabinet out of all sorts of strange materials. Refrigerators, freezers, plywood boxes, and oil drums are just some of the weird enclosures that can be used to create a homemade blast cabinet. These DIY cabinet will not hold up to repeated use and can quickly eaten up by the blasting process.

Cleaning Up Blast Media

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While dealing with Glass blasting beads and other abrasive media is a hassle with a DIY blast cabinet. One of the biggest complaints which we see with homemade blast cabinets that can end up all over the shop floor. We do not like spending time cleaning up media and sure you don’t either. DIY cabinets will lack the media recycling that a professional-grade blast cabinet and reclaimer process. A well-built blast cabinet will let you focus on what you came to do, which is blast objects and get on with the rest of your work.

The above-mentioned steps will give us a clear way of avoiding blast cabinets. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about the reasons why people need to avoid DIY blast cabinets. Thanks for reading!

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